White Lady Appears In Court For Owing Her Friend $3150 Paid To Nigerian Scammer

A white lady has appeared in court for being unable to pay $3150 she borrowed from a friend after unknowingly giving it to a Nigerian scammer she met online.

In the video, A lady was in a courtroom explaining to the Judge how she got scammed by a Nigerian and she is unable to pay the money she borrowed from a friend cause she got scammed with the money by a Nigerian.

However, The Jugde said she must pay her friend the money and she’s a fool for giving a Nigerian she met online her bank account tracking details cause he promised to help her when he comes back to the U.S.

Some Nigerians reacted to this video

Agbabuhari: Government needs to take strict measures on these yahoo guys. They keep tarnishing our image daily.if govt don’t,it’s gonna be like boko haram and might not be able to control

Bubamoh: The expression of the lady behind her as soon as she said the guy is in Nigeria says it all

Alhajirazaqq: This is pathetic aswear.. Agency needs to stops youth from this dreadful act

Watch the video below

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